Arts & Crafts Coffee Table

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Standard Coffee Table Sizes:      (Custom sizing available.)

48”L  x 24” W  x 18” T          $ 1800.00  plus shipping

42”L  x 32” W  x 18” T          $ 1800.00  plus shipping

36”L  x 36” W  x 18” T          $ 1800.00  plus shipping

       Goes great in bungalows or timber frame homes.  Softly curved aprons, and a floating top bring a touch of elegance, intrigue, and flare to our Arts & Craft Coffee Table.  Sturdy post legs are joined to the skirt with beefy mortise and tenons, which are then interlocked by three Wenge or Ebony pegs at each corner.  Designed and built for everyday use, the  top is finish is waterproof, alcohol proof, durable, clear, acrylic lacquer.  The base can be finished with the same, or oil finished.  Be sure to tell us your preference.  Available in almost any size you can conceive.

Walnut top on Cherry base with Wenge corner pegs.

Pictured in 48” x 24” x 18”


• Walnut top on Cherry base (pictured)

  1. Solid Walnut  - Walnut top on Walnut base.

  2. Solid Cherry - Cherry top on Cherry base

  3. Solid Bubinga - Bubinga top on Bubinga base

  4. Curly Maple top on either Walnut, Cherry, or Bubinga base

Arts & Craft Side Tables:

Great for bedside or the end of your sofa. Can have curved aprons or stepped aprons as shown above. 

Pictured above with Curly Maple tops on Cherry base.

22” x 18” x 25”     $700.00/ea. plus shipping

24” x 20” x 25”     $700.00/ea. plus shipping

Custom sizing available.