Expandable Lotus Dining Table

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Expandable Lotus Dining Table

Our Expandable Lotus Table easily transforms from a comfortable six person size, when closed, to seat up to 12 when you use all 3 of the 14” leaves included. Or you can use any combination of the leaves for other sizes. Only one person needed to make the transition.  Thanks to equalizer table slides when you pull one end of the top open, the other end automatically travels in the opposite direction.  Unlike many other dining tables, the legs of our table stay put, so you don’t need two or three people to wrestle a heavy base across the floor.  Correspondingly, there’s no risk of scratching your floor either. 

Click the play buttons of our slide show and video above and at left to see the Lotus in action.

Our Lotus Table is made entirely from solid lumber. There’s no veneer used anywhere. The finish is clear catalyzed lacquer, which is waterproof, alcohol proof, and resistant to food acids. A glass of ice water left overnight will leave no ring. Spilt wine, beer, or cocktail will leave no trace.

The leaves are aligned flush and held tightly together with the main top sections with swiveling toggle locks along at each seam.  Available in a variety of natural solid woods: Curly Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Bubinga.

A thing of beauty?  Yes! 

They’re also designed and built for daily use, and to last a hundred years.

Seats 6  - 12               68”L  x 40” - 42” W  x 30”     with 3 - 14” leaves becomes 110” long x 40” or 42”wide x 30”tall


The leaves of our Lotus Table now store inside the table.