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Lotus Arm Chair

Harvest & Lotus Chairs

Our arm and side chairs are the perfect compliment to your Lotus or Harvest dining table...and they’re real comfortable too!  Made in coordinating wood colors with a variety of seat coverings including full grain leather, ultrasuede, or fabric.   Or, if you prefer to find your own seat covering, you may do so and send it to us, and we’ll cover your seats with that. 

Designed for hours of comfort, both seat and back panels are sculpted in multiple dimensions, called compound curves to conform to your bodies own contours.  Seat cushions feature “dual density” foam:  A thick layer of soft, cushy foam for immediate cushion coupled with a  second layer of firm foam for hours of comfort and support.  Arm rests have a wide back area for support (elbow region), and are meticulously hand shaved to a silky smooth touch, and finger jointed to the front post for durability beyond a lifetime.

Arm Chair:

38”H x   25”W x   20”D

$1250.00 each

Harvest Side Chair

Descriptions and details

The Harvest & Lotus Chairs are built using the same patterns.  Harvest Chairs have three square hand chiseled holes in the upper back, which reflect the peg details used in the apron of the Harvest Dining Table.  Lotus Chairs have a solid back panel (see arm chair above).  Both feature Curly Maple back panels on either a Cherry base or Bubinga base.  Black Ultrasuede is our standard seat covering.  If you have a preferred option, by all means, send it to us, and we’ll cover the seats with it.   Call for details.  336-789-9222

Side Chair:

38”H x   18”W x   18”D

$750.00 /chair - set of 4