Japanese Benches

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Available woods & wood combinations (interior use):

  1. Cherry

  2. Curly Maple

  3. Walnut

  4. Bubinga


       By choosing any one of the above woods, your bench can be a solid color, or by choosing two of the above, we can offer a wide variety of different color combinations.  The wedges and pegs (in the top planks) are made from assorted contrasting woods.

Outdoor Benchs:

with weather resistant woods:

  1. Spanish Cedar

  2. Western Cedar

  3. White Oak

  4. Teak       

        Customers frequently ask us to make our benches for outdoor use in their gardens and patios.  Spanish Cedar, Western Cedar, White Oak, and Teak are four sturdy woods that offer natural, built-in weather resistance.  Additionally, we use waterproof glue for the joints that have to be glued together, and an exterior grade oil finish.  We recommend that you place your outdoor bench on a pad of brick, pea gravel, slate or other paving stone, or a reasonable facsimile to prevent the feet from permanently resting in wet soil.

        One of the most popular items in our entire collection, our Japanese Benches offer comfortable, convenient, versatile seating for dozens of places around your home:

• entry ways

• under large windows.

• foot of the bed (for dressing and to catch blankets)

• bathrooms and dressing areas

  1. recreation rooms

  2. at the dining table for extra guests

  3. gardens and patios

  4. covered porches

Starting with the top planks, we select a long, knot-free board with interesting grain such as Curly Maple, figured Cherry, or Bubinga, then we carefully cut it to create a matched set.  Before assembly, the planks are beveled toward the center to create a dished shape that comfortably fits our own contours.  Authentic Japanese joinery provides some intriguing architectural details, and allows the benches to be shipped ready-to-assemble in a flat box.  Assembly instructions are included and easy to follow.  No tools necessary.

Standard size:

42” long x 14” wide x 17” tall.

$795.00 + shipping

Custom lengths are available upon request.

Additional costs may apply for custom sizing and some of the outdoor woods.

Japanese Bench - solid Cherry

Wedge Detail: The structural aspects of the wedge in this design require that we use extremely hard, hardwoods for this part.  Typically they are contrasting colors to the base.  If you would prefer a certain color for your bench, we will gladly include them.