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“Platform Bed I”    pictured above in Curly Maple, Cherry, Walnut (cap rail supports) and Ash.

    Combining smooth curves with flat floating planes, our platform beds are designed specifically for people who love natural wood, and who like to spend time in bed...reading, watching TV, or of all things, sleeping.  Most notably, they all come with a headboard, that unlike other brands and models, provides an angle that is comfortable to lean up against.  The platform serves as a place to sit while dressing.  It also doubles as a side table providing a handy place for books, the remote control, a glass of nighttime water, or morning coffee.  The platform is even sturdy enough to stand on when you have to change a lightbulb.  On several of our models, the headboard is also capped with a 6 inch wide rail that serves as a narrow shelf for perhaps a small reading lamp, or other lightweight objects.  As mentioned below, the decking under the mattress is very firm, providing excellent support for popular mattresses like the TempurPedic® and the Select Comfort Sleep Number®.  No box springs are to be used on our platform beds.

    In addition to to superb qualities previously mentioned, your children will love our beds too, as we’ve found with our child.  The floating, cantilevered platforms extending away from the mattress conjure up fantastic imagery of airplanes, space ships, boats, even a covered wagon for cowboys on the range.


  1. Headboard can be adjusted vertically depending on mattress thickness.

  2. Headboard with bookmatched grain is curved backward to provide comfortable angle to sit up against for reading or watching TV.

• Mattress is captured in shallow recessed area so it will not slide around.

  1. The decking on which the mattress rests is very firm and solid.  Provides excellent support for TempurPedic® and Select Comfort Sleep Number® brand mattresses that require no box springs.  Also provides excellent support for conventional spring mattresses.

  2. Platform surrounding mattress is sturdy and supportive.  It’s designed for sitting while changing clothes, and in fact, is supportive enough for full-sized adults to stand on while changing a light bulb or dusting the ceiling fan. 

Our beds are made when you order.  They can be made with other woods than what’s pictured.  Expect 2 - 3 months delivery time.  Call us at 336-789-9222 for more details.


  1. Queen                    102”L  x  78”W  x  43”T             $4500.00  + delivery     Call for rates

  2. King                        102”L  x  94”D  x  43”T                    $4500.00  + delivery     Call for rates

Platform Bed I

“Platform Bed I Alternative”    Same as Platform Bed I pictured above but with slightly “indented” side platforms.  The platforms are the full 9” width at the head end of the bed, then indent about 3 inches the rest of the way to the foot.  For those who like the look of the side platforms and value their use as side tables, you still have that function where it counts, but it’s a little easier climbing in and out where you’d typically do that.

Overall dimensions and pricing are the same as above.  Just specify when you order which way you’d like it.