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Shoji Tower Lamp

    Inspired by the traditional Japanese rice paper shoji screens, our Shoji Tower Lamp provides a wonderful look and light to any room. Made specifically for the lighting industry, the panels are an acrylic/fiberglass sheet material that’s made to look like rice paper, but is exponentially more durable.  You’ll never be able to puncture it, nor will cats and dogs be able to damage it.  It's easy to wash (it’s basically plastic) and it’s formulated, among other things, not to yellow with age and light exposure. 

  Two light bulbs are used in the lamp (included).  The top bulb is a dimmable LED bulb that casts a wide sphere of light in all directions.  At the bottom, a halogen flood light bulb (50 watt PAR 20 size) throws a cone of light upwards illuminating the entire tower.  Both bulbs screw in to a normal, household lamp socket and can be found in hardware, lighting stores everywhere.    Changing bulbs is easy.  Instructions are included.

Size:  72" tall x 10" x 10".      Base plate is 12” x 12” 

Available with either Cherry or Curly Maple frame

$850.00 plus shipping

$875.00 plus shipping with dimmer switch