Bayley Wharton, Furniture Designer & Maker


Harvest Dining Table

Materials and Finishes

We primarily choose Curly Maple, Cherry, and Walnut for our dining table tops, because all three are extremely durable “hardwoods” with rich, beautiful grain.  Solid lumber construction is used throughout the table (i.e. no veneer).  Our non-yellowing, catalyzed lacquer finish is waterproof, alcohol proof, resistant to food acids, heat resistant, and extremely durable.


A thing of beauty?  Yes!  

They’re also designed and built for daily use, and to last a hundred years.


• Curly Maple Top, Cherry base (pictured above)

• Curly Maple Top, Walnut base

• Solid Cherry


Small        seats 6          72”L  x 42” W  x 29” T                        $ 4200.00  plus shipping

Large        seats 8          90”L  x 42” W  x 29” T                       $ 4500.00  plus shipping

Harvest Chairs

Our arm and side chairs are the perfect compliment to your Lotus or Harvest dining table...and they’re real comfortable too!  Made in coordinating wood colors with a variety of seat coverings including full grain leather, ultrasuede, or fabric.   Or, if you prefer to find your own seat covering, you may do so and send it to us, and we’ll cover your seats with that.  

Designed for hours of comfort, both seat and back panels are sculpted in multiple dimensions, called compound curves to conform to your bodies own contours.  Seat cushions feature “dual density” foam:  A thick layer of soft, cushy foam for immediate cushion coupled with a second layer of firm foam for hours of comfort and support.  Arm rests have a wide back area for support, and are meticulously hand shaved to a silky smooth touch, and finger jointed to the front post for durability beyond a lifetime.

Harvest Side Chair:

38”H x 18”W x 18”D

$750 - $950/chair

when ordered in sets of 4 or more.

pricing depends on wood combinations and seat cushion materials


Originally, harvest tables were designed to feed a host of farm hands at harvest time, and after the meal, the table could be folded up and moved aside to make way for other activities.  These days, versatility and flexibility are still key issues in our changing lifestyles.  Plus the slender, graceful proportions, and the expansive surface of gorgeous, natural, solid wood are always in style.  We’ve updated our Harvest Table with soft curves on the edges, and a clear acrylic lacquer finish that’s waterproof, alcohol proof, food acid proof, and non-yellowing.  And if you peer under our Harvest Table, immediately you notice how we peg through the mortise and tenon joint where the apron rails meet the legs.  Keep looking, and you’ll find dovetailed cross beams, and our massive leaf supports, which are far sturdier than any other table of it’s kind, new or old.

Above: The bead and cove “rule joint” provides an elegant touch at the seam between the leaf and center section of the top.

8 -10 person Harvest Table with chairs.  

Bubinga table top and Walnut base.