Bayley Wharton, Furniture Designer & Maker


Japanese Tea Table

         The inspiration for our Japanese Tea Table is a traditional table called a Kotatsu which appeared in many older Japanese homes that had no central heating system.  The Kotatsu had a charcoal hibachi grill in the middle of it, and was often recessed into a hole cut in the floor.  A social gathering spot, family and friends would sit around the Kotatsu and share food and drink, a specially made blanket draped over their legs to keep the heat in.

         In my design, I wanted to preserve the function of friends and family coming together and sharing food and drink.  Hence, our Kotatsu/Tea Table comes with three interchangeable inserts.  The black pebble stones (included) are a symbolic reference to the charcoal, while the other two inserts serve as interchangeable trivet and cutting board. The latter two are finished with food safe, butcherblock oil, so like any wood cutting board or salad bowl you have in your kitchen, these can be hand washed in the sink and re-oiled as often as needed. 


36”L  x 36” W  x 17” T          $2400.00  plus shipping

40”L  x 40” W  x 17” T          $2800.00  plus shipping

42”L  x 32” W  x 17” T          $2800.00  plus shipping

Pebblestone Insert - Choose either contrasting or matching wood grain

    Grill Insert - Choose either contrasting or matching wood grain

Solid Insert - Choose either contrasting or matching wood grain

Curly Maple top on Cherry & Walnut base.

40” x 40" square x 17" tall.