Bayley Wharton, Furniture Designer & Maker


TT2 (Torii Table 2)

Sleek and minimalist in its design, the “TT2” combines many of the design features found on our Original Torii Table with a dash more contemporary styling, and a  lower price point.  The floating top cantilevers out over elegantly tapered legs that end with contrasting color feet.  Hints of Japanese architecture can be found in the wedged mortise and tenons at either end, which allow the table to fold flat for convenient transport.  Lots of size and colors options to choose from.  No fussy care required.


• Curly Maple top on Cherry base

• Curly Maple top on Walnut base

• Curly Maple top on Curly Maple base

• Cherry top on Curly Maple base

• Bubinga Top on Curly Maple base (below) - Call for Pricing

Wedged mortise and tenons (above) keep the joinery tight over the years and allow the table to fold flat for easy transport.

Standard TT2 Sizes:

36”L  x 12” W  x 32” T             $ 995.00  plus shipping

48”L  x 12” W  x 32” T          $ 1200.00  plus shipping

60”L  x 12” W  x 32” T          $ 1375.00  plus shipping

Curly Maple top on Cherry base - 48"L x 12"D x 32"T

Narrow Profile Cherry top on Curly Maple base


A Windswept Mirror (above),

or the Sun Mirror with a shelf compliment the TT2 Console tables beautifully.

See mirrors section for more information.


Narrow Profile TT2

Just the thing for narrow hallways or anywhere space is limited, the “Narrow Profile TT2” offers the same beautiful styling as our Standard TT2 with about 3 inches less depth.  

Bubinga Top on Curly Maple base

36"L x 13"D  x 32" Special Pricing applies

Narrow TT2 Sizes:

36”L  x 9.5” W  x 32” T        $995.00  plus shipping

48”L  x 9.5” W  x 32” T     $1200.00  plus shipping

Finishes and Care:

    The tops of all TT2s are finished with catalyzed lacquer making them waterproof, alcohol proof, and resistant to food acids. So you can use these tables for daily use without worry.  The bases (legs and under top parts) have either a hand rubbed oil finish or lacquer depending on the wood combinations.  Cherry and Walnut bases, we usually oil finish because oil brings out the subtle color tones so well.  Maple bases, we usually lacquer to keep color consistent with the top.  If you have a preference otherwise, please call us and we’ll be happy to discuss the options and benefits of each method.

Narrow Profile Walnut top on Bubinga base with Walnut Feet.  

48”L  x 9.5” W  x 32”

Special Pricing applies