Bayley Wharton, Furniture Designer & Maker


TT2 w/ Shelf (Torii Table 2)

Occasionally, one has more objects to display than will fit on the table top.  In that case, our “TT2 with Shelf” comes in handy. We’ve outfitted this model with a slightly deeper top than the standard TT2 Console, because the look just seemed to require it.  Consequently, the table will support slightly bigger artifacts than a standard TT2.

Available by special order only.


     • Curly Maple top on Cherry base

     • Curly Maple top on Walnut base

     • Curly Maple top on Curly Maple base


36”L  x 14” W  x 32” T          $ 1295.00  plus shipping

48”L  x 14” W  x 32” T          $ 1495.00  plus shipping

60”L  x 16” W  x 32” T          $ 1650.00  plus shipping

Curly Maple top & shelf on Cherry base

Joinery detail under floating top